KleenReport Software creates total transparency between service providers and their Clients,
saving time and money, while bolstering an efficient daily operation.

Location Messages

Few things motivate an employee more than a strong connection to other people on their team. Closeness creates trust and trust helps us work more effectively together which sustains a drive to overachieve. More

Kleenreport It keeps us organized, focused and on track to efficiently completing projects!
Carla West, CEO & Founder - Okler

Client Messaging

Simple and secure communication between you and your clients. KleenReport’s client messaging provides a simple and secure way to exchange messages and documents between you and your clients. More

KleenReport has really made my job as a manager so much easier! Their clock in and clock out feature makes it simple for me to know when my employees start work and when the leave. I don’t know how I ever managed this company before KleenReport.
Mike Johnson, Manager

Problem Reporting

When problems are reported by the client, your managers will know immediately. KleenReport is built in such a way that it will alert managers as problems are reported in real time via text message or our free mobile app. More

Kleenreport It keeps us organized, focused and on track to efficiently completing projects. I can’t explain how much easier running my company has become after using KleenReport!
Jennifer Smith, CEO

Cleaning Instructions

With our experience over the years, we know that great cleaners love to do amazing job. But when it’s their first time cleaning a space, doing a great job depends on their access to a clear instructions. More

Love using the KR app. Knowing that everything is cleaned to my liking really puts my mind at ease. KRVerify rocks!
Jackson Carr, Building Manager

Enhanced Translation

When cleaners are unable to speak or read in English, it becomes very difficult to carry out simple instructions to perform their task efficiently. KleenReport supports over 150 languages including: English, Spanish, French, Hindi and Simplified Chinese with enhanced translation. More

We’ve only been using KleenReport for a few months now but it has already significantly improved our day to day functions. My favorite part is the problem reporting. It’s easy to run into problems while doing a cleaning. It’s not always easy to inform a manager or get a solution on the spot. The problem reporting feature makes it super simple and easy to get in touch with a manager or the client.
Bill Robertson, Manager

Time Tracking

How do you communicate with and keep track of cleaners that need your services either at home or office?
KleenReport provides the ideal platform for mobile workers to easily punch in and out from any home or office, using any landline or mobile phone. More

Love the automatically compiled reports that we get from KleenReport. That’s one less thing I have to do during the day and they’re easy to follow and all in one easy to manage place.
Jackie Thompson, Assistant Regional Manager


Running a business is extremely time consuming and often times it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day! That’s why, at KleenReport, we understand the need for easy to use and stress free features, such as our scheduling feature. More

Since we started using KleenReport software over six months ago, we now have noticed a better handle about employee time tracking. The ease of clocking in and out via KleenReport app and using geo fencing has saved us a ton of money.
Steve Mason, CFO


KleenReport offers greater functionality and gives managers an ability to inspect the quality of their employees work with an extremely simple and easy to use web and mobile app provided by KleenReport. More

Everything about KleenReport is great, it was really made keeping track of cleanings not seem like a task anymore. Thanks KleenReport!
Margarette Brooks, Manager

Supply Tracking

With KleenReport, You can now keep track of what locations need what supplies can be a full time job. The right supplies can make the difference between doing a great job and not being able to do your job at all. KleenReport makes requesting and replenishing supplies a breeze with ease. More

I have many employees that aren’t fluent in English and KleenReport’s on-the-spot translating in the app made my life (and communicating with my employees) such a breeze.
Eli Watts, Co-Owner

Public Surveys

The ability to be proactive during cleaning of large spaces can be difficult sometimes. Your ability to get in front of an issue before its being reported back to your client is one of the great ways to make sure they spot the value in your cleaning services. More

As a cleaner, it’s really nice to be able to reach a manager or client instantly. Thanks to KleenReport, I can do that now.
Mark Harmon, Cleaner


Verification of each cleaning makes life easier for all parties involved, whether it’s the manager, cleaner or client! With KleenReport’s KRVerify feature, everyone’s needs and requirements are secured. Adding extra verification ensures that each cleaning is completed to the satisfaction of each individual involved. More

KleenReport really is THE all in one cleaning software. Their public surveys help my cleaning service know what means the most to me about my cleanings and help them implement it. Thanks KleenReport.
Abby Wright, Manager

Inspection Report

KleenReport offers greater functionality and gives managers the ability to inspect the quality of their employees work with an extremely simple and easy to use web and mobile app provided by KleenReport. More

Using KleenReport Software has made managing my business so simple. With all of their great features and tools, life has never been easier. Also, I love that I can reach a member of their support team at all times! I’d definitely give KleenReport two thumbs up!
Bridgette Jackson, Owner

Client’s View-Inspection Report

As a Janitorial Service Provider, clients are by far the most important part of running the business. Without client’s, you wouldn't have a business and neither would we. That’s why we view your clients as our clients. More

My employees and I love using KleenReport. It really makes keeping track of cleanings, ordering supplies and communicating as simple as it was meant to be. Not to mention, saves my company a ton of money!
Jack Williams, Office Manager

Cleaners IDs

Whether you are the owner of a location or the building manager or somewhere in between, put your mind at ease about who is doing the cleaning. Knowing who is going in and out of your building, whether it's your employee or your service providers' employee, is an important and integral part of running an efficient business, and at KleenReport, we understand that need. More

I love having all of my communications between my cleaners in one accessible place. I don’t have to scroll through hundreds of text messages in order to find the one I’m looking for. KleenReport’s location messages make it easier than ever to communicate with my cleaners.
Brad White, CEO

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