Benefits of Janitorial ERP

Benefits of Janitorial ERP

If you are running a janitorial business but not have commercial cleaning software in place for scheduling key operations, then all your profits and savings would be drained. To run a cleaning business is inevitably hard. Handling multiple tasks ranging from client coordination to managing the workforce is not easier to streamline business operations. You end up juggling staff scheduling, client schedules, client information, quotes, payments, etc. 

Whether you have a small, medium, or large enterprise, in both scenarios, the smooth running of business operation is challenging. In the former one, you don’t have an adequate workforce due to low budget while in the latter one the complexity of workflows does not allow you to leverage operations. 

Thereby, janitorial software is the best option for your business, whether small, medium, or large so that you can manage information and streamline processes. It would help you in overcoming daily challenges like cutting costs for hiring a larger workforce and also allow you to minimize manual error. 

Some crucial benefits of a Janitorial software system are discussed over here. 

Business Intelligence 

If you have the right business intelligence system in place; you would be capable of fine-tuning your purchasing, inventory, marketing, and sales functions. Eventually, you will easily get cleaner results.

Effective Decision Making   

You can track your product status by looking at the linkages among the movement and pricing of your variant product lines.  You can quickly evaluate which items are more in demand and which ones are not purchased frequently. Thereby, you can have a clear picture of your profitability graph. This will ultimately help you in making practical decisions based on precise sales records that you would collect from janitorial software. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Commercial cleaning software also allows you to track your customer preferences based on analyzing their responses. You can track customer purchases records and details and identify which consumables are more purchased by your customers. This would also help you in coming up with more customized products that can cater to the unique needs of your target audience. 

Inventory Management 

When you have access to real-time inventory data, you can streamline your inventory processes. You can instantly find out stock which is moving slower so that you can expedite your inventory turns. 

Sales Productivity 

When you have detailed data regarding inventory and customer preferences; you can easily cope up with their requirement precisely. Also, it would resolve the issues of over-stock. Thereby, with better order fill rates, you can skyrocket sales. 

Competitive Analysis 

Without the help of Excel or IT professionals, you can analyze and assess customer and sales reports, up-sell and cross-sell gaps and opportunities. However, all you need is to have janitorial software with a user-friendly interface to understand dashboards and reports generation mechanisms. This would help you immensely in devising pricing strategies and get an edge over your competitors. 


Conclusively, having commercial cleaning software deployed at your workplace would help you in selling increased commodity products. When you have appropriate data then you can quickly meet your product margins and deliver on time. Consequently, your business grows with amplified sales.