Verify All Cleaning With KleenReport

Making sure that clients are satisfied with their services, is the root of every functional business module. Just like ours, we know yours is no different. That's why KleenReport offers our very own feature called KRVerify©.

KRVerify© allows managers and cleaners to complete two essential things:

1. Make sure al...

Finding The Right Priced Plans

Finding a product that suites your needs is great! What's not great is not being able to find the right priced plan that features everything you need. That's why we have multiple plans for our service that is divided equally between price and features.

Our plans are:
1. Start Up Plan - $35/month
2. Business Plan -...

Inspection Reports Make Running Your Business Easy

Having all the information you need at any given moment is what keeps you on top of your game. With our easy to view reports, you'll be even more in control! Stop searching through paper after paper to find what you're looking for. Navigate through our software to find all of your important inspection reports in one easy to find location...

KleenReport | How To Register With Cleaning Softwares

Ready to start running your cleaning business the right way? Lucky for you, we’ve made using KleenReport a breeze!

No need to wonder what to do next! Just follow our simple Starting Point guide and you’ll be off to a good start. Add the cleaning location, your team members and cleaners, and ...

KleenReport | Adding Employees With Ease

Remember back in the day when we used to have to keep all our information stored on Rolodex cards? And we’d have to flip through all the cards to find what we were looking for? Think of KleenReport of your new-age Rolodex for business management.

Load all of your employees' information, location infor...