Verify All Cleaning With KleenReport

Making sure that clients are satisfied with their services, is the root of every functional business module. Just like ours, we know yours is no different. That's why KleenReport offers our very own feature called KRVerify©.

KRVerify© allows managers and cleaners to complete two essential things:

1. Make sure all cleanings are fully completed.

2. Make sure the clients are satisfied with each and every cleaning.

KRVerify© only gives cleaners to option to take pictures in real time to verify that the inspection area has been cleaned properly. You can also receive verification without opting for KRVerify©. With this, cleaners will have the option to upload a previously taken picture to the inspection and submit it. Either way, KleenReport has all the features and tools you need run a successful business!

Find out more about KRVerify© here.