Cleaning Instructions


With our experience over the years, we know that great cleaners love to do amazing job. But when it's their first time cleaning a space, doing a great job depends on their access to clear instructions. KleenReport allows managers to easily communicate specific cleaning instructions to cleaners, this will reflect a high level of consistency in their job performance.

Imagine going into a work environment and not knowing what's required of you and still having to show that you're worth the money! It's pretty difficult to do a job that you know nothing about.

Are you worried your cleaners might need help cleaning a place to the highest standard without access to specific instructions? What if you’re not there to help them?

Well, you can stop worrying about that. We at KleenReport make sure you can relay instructions to your cleaners even off-site. And as you know, flawless instructions equal a flawless job. Don’t leave your employees hanging. Be there for them with KleenReport off-site employee support!

Love using the KR app. Knowing that everything is cleaned to my liking really puts my mind at ease. KRVerify rocks!
Jackson Carr, Building Manager