Client Messaging

Client & Location Messaging for Commercial Cleaning Software


KleenReport Client & location messaging allows your team and customers to have better communication. clients can contact you in seconds. boost employee retention.

Simple and secure communication between you and your clients. KleenReport's client messaging provides a simple and secure way to exchange messages and documents between you and your clients.

It is very important to keep your communication open with a client. In a lot of cases, it’s the little things that go unspoken and end up causing customer dissatisfaction.

With our Client Messaging, KleenReport offers each client a customized experience that allows them to communicate with each manager, keeping your entire team on the same page.


All Clients can easily download and login to the KleenReport App with the account you create for them. Once they are logged in they will have access to the message board as well as a dedicated way to call you directly.

You probably loved the telephone game as a child. But now, as a person whose business depends on clear communication with clients, you may want to give it a try.

Maintain flawless communication with your clients using KleenReport’s client messaging feature. Your clients can contact you using our mobile app and tell you everything you need to know to ensure their satisfaction.

Your business is not a game! At KleenReport we know that!

KleenReport has really made my job as a manager so much easier! Their clock in and clock out feature makes it simple for me to know when my employees start work and when the leave. I don’t know how I ever managed this company before KleenReport.
Mike Johnson, Manager