Client’s View-Inspection Report

As a Janitorial Service Provider, clients are by far the most important part of running the business. Without client’s, you wouldn't have a business and neither would we. That’s why we view your clients as our clients

Imagine running business where you have no idea what’s going on. We don’t need to tell you that, that’s beyond absurd! We’re sure your client’s feel the same way, and that’s why KleenReport offers your clients the ability to view Inspection Reports.


If you’re not already aware, clients are able to view the inspection report after the manager of your location(s) has completed and submitted it. To view inspection reports:
  1. Login to the mobile app and click on the ‘Inspection Report’ icon on the mobile homepage.
  2. Select the location for which you wish to view reports.
  3. Then select the inspection report by clicking the ‘View’ button

You’ll be able to see how each inspection point and area has been marked (exceeds standards, meets standards, below standards, not inspected). Sure, we can’t foresee everything, but we always try to do more than enough so everyone else is free.

My employees and I love using KleenReport. It really makes keeping track of cleanings, ordering supplies and communicating as simple as it was meant to be. Not to mention, saves my company a ton of money!
Jack Williams, Office Manager