KleenReport offers greater functionality and gives managers an ability to inspect the quality of their employees work with an extremely simple and easy to use web and mobile app provided by Kleen.


With KleenReport, Managers can easily create custom inspection plans that can be used to create inspection reports using any iOS or Android smartphone.

Inspection plans can include unlimited inspection points and can be easily organized to make sure every area needing attention is inspected thoroughly.

If you want to make sure your clients have the best possible experience with your company, you need to pay great attention to quality control.

We’re here to make sure you can easily inspect your cleaners’ abilities in all aspects of their jobs. Use our web or mobile app to create custom inspection plans and generate inspection reports with valuable insight into your cleaners’ performance.

Maintain high quality of service with KleenReport’s Inspections feature.

Everything about KleenReport is great, it was really made keeping track of cleanings not seem like a task anymore. Thanks KleenReport!
Margarette Brooks, Manager