Inspection Reports

KleenReport offers greater functionality and gives managers the ability to inspect the quality of their employees work with an extremely simple and easy to use web and mobile app provided by KleenReport.


With KleenReport, managers can create inspections that will automatically create inspection reports once they are completed. These inspections and reports help you stay on track and make sure all cleanings are completed to each individual client’s needs.


Managers can easily create custom inspection plans that can be used to create inspection reports using any iOS or Android smartphone. Inspection plans can include unlimited inspection points and can be easily organized to make sure every area needing attention is inspected thoroughly.

Using KleenReport Software has made managing my business so simple. With all of their great features and tools, life has never been easier. Also, I love that I can reach a member of their support team at all times! I’d definitely give KleenReport two thumbs up!
Bridgette Jackson, Owner