Verification of each cleaning makes life easier for all parties involved, whether it’s the manager, cleaner or client! With KleenReport’s KRVerify feature, everyone’s needs and requirements are secured.

Adding extra verification ensures that each cleaning is completed to the satisfaction of each individual involved. You can do this by adding KRVerify to inspection points.


KleenReport comes standard with inspection report verification. Say a cleaner completes a cleaning and a few days later they find a picture that shows how amazingly they cleaned an (or multiple) area(s), they’ll be able to upload pictures taken during those previous cleanings.

Through KRVerify, cleaners are only allowed to take pictures that will be attached to inspection reports. Cleaners will be required to take real-time pictures of each KRVerify area and will not be allowed to upload previously taken pictures.

Find out more information about KRVerify about how it works, how to add or remove it, here.

KleenReport really is THE all in one cleaning software. Their public surveys help my cleaning service know what means the most to me about my cleanings and help them implement it. Thanks KleenReport.
Abby Wright, Manager