Location Messages


Few things motivate an employee more than a strong connection to other people on their team. Closeness creates trust and trust helps us work more effectively together which sustains a drive to overachieve.

Little things come up from time to time during a cleaning. Requests sent from a client, questions that need managers input, and any number of things that can’t be anticipated. With KleenReport, each location has a virtual message board that works very much like your old paper log book. As cleaners and managers post messages KleenReport will push messages to make sure everyone is in sync.

If you want all your employees to operate as a team, you need to make sure that they can communicate as a team.

KleenReport Location Messages feature allows members of your team to connect, communicate, and share information with each other. Whether they are cleaners or managers, all employees can stay up to date with new requests and provide great service your clients have come to expect.

Keep in touch, with KleenReport!

Kleenreport It keeps us organized, focused and on track to efficiently completing projects!
Carla West, CEO & Founder - Okler