Public Surveys

The ability to be proactive during cleaning of large spaces can be difficult sometimes. Your ability to get in front of an issue before its being reported back to your client is one of the great ways to make sure they spot the value in your cleaning services.

One of the top-notch feature on the KleenReport is the Public Surveys which allow your clients to give you feedback on what they like about your service and what could use a little improvement.

If something goes wrong in a location, would you rather hear about it from an angry client or through helpful anonymous feedback?

We like the feedback option better, too. That’s why we created Public Surveys that allow you to gather anonymous SMS or voice feedback and rating for a specific location just by leaving custom stickers with a location code and phone number.

You can always do better. We at KleenReport are here to help!

As a cleaner, it’s really nice to be able to reach a manager or client instantly. Thanks to KleenReport, I can do that now.
Mark Harmon, Cleaner