Running a business is extremely time consuming and often times it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day! That’s why, at KleenReport, we understand the need for easy to use and stress free features, such as our scheduling feature. Create instant schedules on-the-go by logging into our mobile website and your employees and building managers will be able to see them as soon as you click submit!

Imagine having to keep a to-do list for your entire team. Wait, you don’t have to imagine – that’s in your job description.

We can make your job a little easier. Our simple Scheduling feature helps your cleaners keep track of tasks, and helps you keep your team organized. Schedule appointments by cleaner or location, create a schedule for infinite amount of days, and review all the details you need on a single page. Scheduling is easy with KleenReport!

Since we started using KleenReport software over six months ago, we now have noticed a better handle about employee time tracking. The ease of clocking in and out via KleenReport app and using geo fencing has saved us a ton of money.
Steve Mason, CFO