Supply Tracking

With KleenReport, You can now keep track of what locations need what supplies can be a full time job. The right supplies can make the difference between doing a great job and not being able to do your job at all. KleenReport makes requesting and replenishing supplies a breeze with ease.


Cleaners can use our mobile and SMS app to request any supply that managers assign to a location. Cleaners can even let you know if you’re running low or completely out so you know how urgent it is. It’s as simple as that.

Your cleaners can do almost anything, but we’re pretty sure that cleaning without cleaning supplies isn’t on the list.

KleenReport's Supply Tracking feature enables your cleaners to request supplies assigned to their location and let you know if they’re running low on or out of supplies. Using just our mobile and SMS app, cleaners can quickly inform you what they need to do the amazing job they always do.

Always be one step ahead with KleenReport!

I have many employees that aren’t fluent in English and KleenReport’s on-the-spot translating in the app made my life (and communicating with my employees) such a breeze.
Eli Watts, Co-Owner