24/7 Support

Learning a new software can be difficult and often times intimidating. But fear not, with our round the clock support team, the answers to your questions are not that far away. You can reach out to us via 24/7 email support at info@kleenreport.com or via phone at 1 (800) 209-9132. You can also find the answers to your questions online at by going to our homepage and clicking on the chat icon or by going to support.kleenreport.com

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

Helpful Notifications

Keeping track of your employees clock ins and clock outs, tardiness and absences are simple with the alerts section of our mobile app. Our helpful notifications will come directly to your phone so you can put your mind at ease! To view, click on the bell icon at the top of the homepage on the app and you’ll a list of all your notifications. You can also click on each individual notification to view more details about it.

At KleenReport, we understand that running a business not only requires a lot of hardwork and dedication but it also requires a steady flow of cash. Spending your business’s hard earned money in unnecessary supplies or excessive overtime pay can affect the efficiency of how your business is run! We at KleenReport understand that not only is time worth money, but so is money itself! With our easy communication tools, on the spot supply request and many other features we provide you with an abundance of tools and features that are designed to save you money!