Time Tracking

How do you communicate with and keep track of cleaners that needs your services either at home or office?


KleenReport provides the ideal platform for mobile workers to easily punch in and out from any home or office, using any landline or mobile phone.

Some philosophers say that it’s impossible to keep track of time. With us, time tracking definitely is possible.

KleenReport’s Time Tracking feature allows your cleaners to punch in and out wherever they are using any landline or mobile phone. It also enables you to track their active and scheduled times so you always know if your clients got the service they deserve.

Your clients’ time is valuable. Show them you respect that with KleenReport. Have more questions about our Time Tracking feature? Get your answers, here.

Love the automatically compiled reports that we get from KleenReport. That’s one less thing I have to do during the day and they’re easy to follow and all in one easy to manage place.
Jackie Thompson, Assistant Regional Manager